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File Name Release Date Comments
V9.5 R20151031.006 - Client Installer Sat, 31/10/2015, 4:30PM

-lots of good stuff

-completed well and cleaned up
-some minor fixes
-nb: for details log in with client id to view
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v9.5 R20151012 - Client Installer Mon, 12/10/2015, 5:11PM

-few important fixes

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v9.5 R20151008 - Client Installer Thu, 08/10/2015, 4:36PM

-some major fixes

-perfect spa and conference
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V9.5 .NET Dependencies Setup Thu, 08/10/2015, 4:36PM

-necessary for installing Spa and Conference.

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v9.5 R20150930 - Client Installer Wed, 30/09/2015, 11:20AM

-a few important fixes.

-for details, login to view.
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v9.5 R20150910 - Client Installer Thu, 10/09/2015, 11:38AM

-some nice fixes.

-and a few amazing stuff added.
-NB: login using client ID to view the full feature details of this release.

Eric M
Lead Developer

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v9.5 R20150726 - Client Installer Sun, 26/07/2015, 2:30PM

-bits and pieces fixed.

-nb: details login to view.
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v9.5 R20150722 - Client Installer Wed, 22/07/2015, 5:56PM

-important fixes, and some useful improvements.

-nb: login to V9 LOGIN to see details.
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v9.5 R20150714 - Client Installer Tue, 14/07/2015, 11:55PM

-some urgent fix, but perfect!

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v9.5 R20150630 - Client Installer Tue, 30/06/2015, 7:20AM

- perfect!

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Server Installers

File Name Release Date Comments
V9.5 R20151031 - Server Update Sat, 31/10/2015, 3:30PM

-improved smartserver

-and more
-nb: detailed specs log in with clientid to view
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v9.5 R20150930 - Server Update Wed, 30/09/2015, 11:20AM

-a few important fixes.

-for details, login to view.
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v9.5 R20150726 - Server Update Sun, 26/07/2015, 2:33PM

-server update

-nb: details log in
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v9.5 R20150722 - Server Installer Wed, 22/07/2015, 4:52PM

-important fixes.

-nb: see fixes and features done in V9 LOGIN.
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v9.5 R20150630 - Server Installer Tue, 30/06/2015, 7:20AM


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v9.4 R201500618 - Server Installer Thu, 18/06/2015, 12:46PM

-very nice imporvements

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v9.4 R201500506 - Server Installer Fri, 08/05/2015, 12:50AM

-bug fixes.

-better backups.
-automatic and easier config server.
-support centre creates client profiles, client manages own profiles and licenses.

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v9.0 R20150119 - Server Installer Mon, 19/01/2015, 10:36AM
  1. -automated server configuration process.
  2. -more intuitive server install process.
  3. -improved clean database feature.
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